Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Melissa, aka Mookie has been involved in the production and promotion of techno events for over 12 years. At the beginning of 2006 she moved from ‘behind the scenes’ to behind the decks. The delay in starting her dj career, has given her a unique perspective in comparison to her peers. She sees djing/producing as another medium to express her creativity, but with the added dimension of it being live. Her true dedication to the Techno scene is now ever apparent in her sets.

Although, originally favouring behind the scenes rather than the spotlight, she has now taken to the decks with the same passion and creative energy and gusto.

In her short time behind the decks she has already gained a dedicated following and has shown that she is 100%committed to honing her skills as a DJ. So far she has taken her sound to the dance floors of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide along side names such as Speedy J, Ignition Technician, Chris Liberator and D.A.V.E the Drummer, Paul Glazby, Kid Kenobi, MC Shureshock, Pendulum, DJ Devious.

Preferring to take risks and keep it raw, she is always trying new combination of sound and enjoys keeping it fresh. She has an outstanding ability to combine unexpected sounds in her signature style and work them to create a seamless and interesting mix. Her sound could be described as funky, quirky, glitchy and hypnotic, bleepy loop based techno. Always looking for a fresh sound to get the dance floor moving, she often mixes techno with booty, minimal, electro and tech-house. Whatever the style she always has her ear pricked for that special something in a track.

Production is also another outlet she has recently turned her skills and talent towards. Incorporating custom loops and samples within her dj sets, especially when part of The HoneyMakers (a hybrid turntable/live sequencing project). She has also been busy with studio track projects via SWARM Digital.

For for further information or to book Mookie for a DJ set please use our CONTACT page.

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