Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Vic Zee:

At the age of 13 Vic became highly engrossed in the world of early 8bit computing and early electronic gaming. This intense addiction to computer generated sound and synthesis within the context of gaming led to his subsequent immersion within the world of early electronic music composition and production.

Needless to say it was this chain of fortuitous events that led him to discover and experiment with Sydney club culture in the late 80's and early nineties. Iconic Sydney nights such as Ziggurat, the Dome, Madchester and the infamous the R.A.T parties became his regular haunts.

Vic started experimenting with mixing in 1990 within the early Sydney warehouse rave scene.

At the time Vic was hosting and producing a weekly radio show called TRIP2SPACE on Radio Skid Row 88.9fm, TRIP2SPACE soon established a cult following and also gave rise to the production crew of the same name.

After five years of radio TRIP2SPACE, Vic migrated to Sydney's biggest full band community radio station 2SER 107.3fm where he hosted Sydney's most popular weekly techno program KAOSCILLATION for over five years.

In the midst of all this radio action Vic hosted Back 2 Earth on three seasons at Radio DEX 96.9fm during its test transmission stages;  this show also received massive listener support.

Vic's mission for more than a decade has always been about spreading the UNDERGROUND TECHNO SOUND, for better or worse he has always stayed true to the movement he is totally passionate about; techno with a tougher psychedelic twist.

Vic plus co-founder and wife (Mel) DJ Mookie have always held the attitude that their mission is to set the trend rather than follow it. It is directly because of this belief that the harder underground techno sound of SWARM was born and a new scene separate to the then status quo was established and still exists to this day in Sydney.

It is because of this plus his consistent commitment to his dj and production career that Vic has often been referred to by many as the godfather of the Sydney underground hard techno scene.

Vic has played alongside the likes of:

Speedy J, Chris Liberator, D.a.v.e the Drummer, Guy the Geezer, Space Dj's, Pounding Grooves, Julian Liberator, Zebedee, Misjah, Ignition Technician, Mike Humphries, Chris Liebing, Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin, Luke Slater, Green Velvet, Dave Clark, Umek and Valentino, Dj Pinch and Ben Simms .

Vic (alongside his partner in crime Mel aka Dj Mookie) is also responsible for Sydney's biggest and longest running underground series of techno events: SWARM.

Apart from his appearances at SWARM events Vic played at most Sydney techno events and clubs both big and small.

Vic has taken his mixing and sets to cities and countries such as London, New Zealand, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle and Byron Bay. Where he has been accepted and respected for his charismatic style behind the decks.

Vic has also been producing his signature brand of chunky underground techno in his Sydney studio, with releases out on his SWARM DIGITAL and SWARM SOUND SYSTEM labels, London's Stayup Forever label, the US based Banging Grooves label plus Woody McBride’s Communiqué Label .

He has also collaborated in the studio with Guy the Geezer Mcaffer (Raw), Lawrie Immersion (Pounding Grooves) and Darc Marc (Pure noise). He is currently collaborating with Dj Mookie as 'The HoneyMakers'. A project combining turntables, live sequencing, visuals and EFX.

Over the last fifteen years Vic has received wide respect for his intense layered mixing techniques and devotion to the highly percussive, phat chunky/funky generally 'slammin' or pounding style of techno he plays and produces.

Vic now uses VIRTUAL VINYL technology, as well Ableton in a live set configuration allowing him to still maintain his complete interaction between the turntables and mixer, as well as delving into LIVE elements within his sets, this combined with his own custom studio material and a 20 year vinyl collection have taken his sets on a whole new infinite direction.

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