Thursday, April 24, 2014
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The HoneyMakers:

Interview with the HoneyMakers as published in the BRAG MAGAZINE:

Yr moniker – what’s the deal?: We wanted a name that was in theme with SWARM, but at the same time a whole separate thing. When you think of a name and it just comes to you and you know it will work, then that is what you use.

What’s yr sound?: Vic generally plays the more upfront techno with lots of twisted samples and elements of the old school sound, Mel's sound combines a good helping of minimal, underground electro and always a funked out flavour to her techno. Our styles really complement each other - it is all techno but when we play together certain combinations of tracks sound really fresh and seem to take the whole set on an unexpected tangent. The HoneyMakers will be creating a fresh sound combining both our styles as will as some memorable tracks from the past and present and reworking them with sounds of the future.

When/why did you decide to take on the decks and start DJing: For Vic it was 1990, after collecting early techno records for a while, he realised he had quite a few records and just for the fun of it he gave djing a go, played a few pub gigs and instantly was hooked. On the other hand Mel has been totally immersed in the event production side of things for over 10 years, and done every thing except DJ. 'I always wanted to DJ, but feared being too nervous. Now my biggest regret is not doing it sooner. I started in February last year and apart from the very  basics, I have learnt it all by myself - no lessons from Vic - I want to make my own mistakes and develop my own style etc.'

Best gig you’ve ever played?: Vic: It's a tough choice between some awesome warehouse parties in London and the early SWARM parties.
Mel: I really enjoyed our first back to back when we supported Chris Liberator.

And the worst?: Vic: Every set has it’s good and bad points, but from memory there was one set that stands out simply because of the conditions, outdoors on a farm, rain pissing down, lame ass excuse for a tarpuline, fear of electrocution whilst djing, you get my drift.

Mel: I look back and cringe at my first set simply because I was so overwhelmed by the sound system and nerves.

Greatest musical inspiration: Anyone that is making fantastic techno and pushing the boundaries - that is what boundaries are for. Underground  Techno is such a great style in the sense that it takes inspiration from all other sub-genres of Electronica, it is ever evolving. Because of this I don't care who says it and how many times they say it is dead - TECHNO will never die!!!

How did the Honeymakers concept come about? We basically want to celebrate SWARM. Our parties are unique in Sydney and renowned worldwide. We want to push the boundaries, merge media and inject some freshness, keep things exciting and not stagnant.

You’re taking performance to a new level with the Honeymakers.. What innovations are you pioneering? Our setup will comprise of 3 decks, a laptop, 2 mixers, midi synced devices and effects plus a custom designed and programmed visual show.For us it is not so much that we are breaking any world records or pioneering a certain setup, because lets face it using decks with effects and drum machine etc has been done many times before . Our aim is to combine all the things we are working on creatively and incorporating turntables/live sequencing and effects seems like a great way to go. Visually SWARM has a look and is branded in a certain way, so including a visual element in our set will bring together our creative outlets even more.

Will you both be playing your own production or live tracks? Yes, we will be incorporating finished tracks we have written together, tracks Vic has released by himself and also alot of loops and patterns we have been working on. A lot of it will be totally random and live on the night.

If your music was a soundtrack for a film, what would it be about?: Sci Fi/ Doco combining the best of old school sci fi and all things SWARM past, present and future. There will be the perfectly timed Kung Fu scenes, a cast of thousands and huge mechanised insects and for Mel’s sake it would have to star Jude Law.

Outside of DJing, what pushes your buttons?: Vic is pretty much in studio at every spare moment, whilst Mel loves designing whether it be websites, graphics or fashion. We both also really love hanging out with our friends and family, just going to the pub or cooking up a nice meal, a nice bottle of wine and some great company. Also we live near the beach so walks with our son are pretty nice.

For for further information or to book the HoneyMakers for a DJ/LIVE set please use our CONTACT page.

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